IoT Endpoint Devices and Communications Security

Healthcare and Industrial IoT. Software-only solution to protect IoT devices from attacks, ransomware, and taking over your all your devices in the network


IoT endpoint security by protecting and defending all IoT devices by deploying moving target defense (deception technology)

The greatest threat you have is your IoT devices and communications from attackers.

We provide intelligent monitoring and analysis of your IoT devices and Gateway/Router from intrusions and protects threat intelligence in order to secure you against, ransomware and break-ins into the network without your knowledge and notifies the attack real time.

Next Generation Cyber Security to protect the IoT devices in the network. Keep in touch when we launch or contact us.

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Can we help you?

We provide intelligent monitoring and analysis in real time the threats for your IoT device and Gateway/Router.

Let us help you to STOP IoT endpoint attacks in real time

Our CyberNet Protects

Unauthorized intrusion to assure your computer, network, devices and all information are safe.

Our Solution Monitors

Your network and IoT devices are in threat because security lapses that compromise all information

Security for All Devices

Routers, PC, Cloud or IoT all devices and things have security holes, we make sure nothing comes through.

As IoT attacks are increasing, and the disturbance that they have done, the attacks have been steadily increasing.

In 2107 $2Bn of ransomware was paid put. What other attacks that are not ransomware are costing business?. The average time companies realize they were attacked is between 149-205 days "top secret," you probably do not want strangers entering your network, devices and stealing medical records or changing the information on these device. As more companies use the Cloud for backup the increase in attacks to the Cloud companies. Our solution encrypts your data that is sent to the cloud for backup. The encryption is added protection for your data and your network.

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